Shower Enclosure for WCG 72

Which Glass Doors Style?

Glass doors are modern. easy to clean, and important in resale of real estate.

When you are involved in improving your home or building a new home you probably face the decision of what shower enclosure to install.

In an instant, a frameless glass enclosure will give a more high–end effect.

An important factor when considering a glass shower enclosure is the choice of a swing door or a sliding door system. A sliding door is often used when there is a limited amount clearance. The door on a frameless enclosure can swing both 90 degrees in and 90 degrees out if so desired.

Amount of upkeep is normally in proportion to the amount of hardware used. When there is no frame (frameless) there is also no aluminum to oxidize and age.

When there is a fiberglass or acrylic surround then in a most cases it will requires a framed slider or swinging door.

When there is a custom shower or bath made of tile or solid surface material than a frameless.


ADVANTAGES of Glass Shower Doors:

• Modern feel

• Glass for easy cleaning

• Will add permanent home value

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