Laminated Glass

From windshields to glass floors, to skylights or display cases, laminated glass is the perfect safety solution. Two or more panes of glass are bonded together by a durable plastic interlayer, which enables the glass to strongly resist penetration by impacting objects. However, if it should break, the glass will tend to remain in its frame, minimizing the risk of injury from sharp edges and flying or falling glass particles. Laminated glass is made by sandwiching a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass. The glass and the PVB are sealed with pressure and heat. The PVB is what allows the glass to absorb energy during an impact and gives the glass resistance to penetration from flying projectiles. It also deflects up to 95 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.  Laminated glass can break and be punctured, but it will stay intact because of its bond with the PVB.

Custom Design versatility— Laminated glass can be manufactured flat or curved, and include annealed, heat strengthened, spandrel, wired, patterned, tinted and reflective glasses.

Standard inventory

1/8” Clear
1/4” .030 Clear
1/4” .030 Bronze and gray
1/4” .030 White Laminated
1/4” .030 Solex
5/16” Clear Laminated
7/16” Clear Laminated
9/16” Clear Laminated