Acrylic is a polymer created when giant carbon molecules combine chemically. Acrylic is half the weight and up to 10 times the impact resistance of glass. It is available in tinted or colored, mirrored or with many options in a textured finish. A number of coatings are also available with performance enhancing characteristics such as scratch resistance, anti-fogging, glare reduction and solar reflective. Because it’s a thermoplastic and softens under extremely high temperatures, acrylic can be formed to virtually any shape. Incredibly durable and has superior weathering properties compared to other plastics

Most of the plastics we stock in 48″ x 96″ sheets. Some thicknesses are available in larger sizes which are indicated below. We can special order larger sizes if needed.

Completed Project



1/16” .062
3/32” .090
1/8”   .125   also available in 60” x 96”
3/16” .188
1/4” .220
3/8” .375
1/2” .50

1/8” Gray or Bronze
1/4” Gray or Bronze
1/8” Acrylic Mirror
1/4” Acrylic Mirror

1/8” UF-5 (U.V.Blocking)
1/4” UF-5(U.V.Blocking)

1/4” DP95 (011-V)
1/8” DP32 (011-V)
Prismatic Textured
P95 1/8” Frosted
PP 1/8” Frosted 2 sides
P95 1/4’’ Frosted