Beveled Edge: The little extra to set you apart

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Beveled Glass: What is it?

Beveling typically begins with a thick piece of glass and an angled edge is cut on all four edges. The fun and fascinating part about beveled glass is the bevel acts as a prism and in sunlight or artificial light it creates a fun color diffraction that naturally highlights the glass work and hosts a spectrum of colors that are ordinarily absent in flat glass.

Beveled Glass in Amish Country, Ohio

Beveled glass is a niche market for us at Walnut Creek Glass. It was made popular by the energetic furniture industry in our area in the past 15–20 years.

The Amish in our area, and in communities in neighboring states, are world famous for their painstaking diligence in creating top-of-the-industry handcrafted furniture. Our local community sports the largest concentration of Amish people in the world.

It’s our pleasure, at Walnut Creek Glass to provide a key supporting product and service to our thriving local furniture industry. We provide glass products, and especially beveled glass for many heirloom furniture masterpieces, especially curios cabinets, China cabinets, and mirrors for dressers.

See our Beveled Edge Gallery for examples of our completed projects.

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